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My Grandad (my Dads Dad)

Wanganui viewed from Durie Hill

Wanganui viewed from Durie Hill


1. When Granddad was young he used to have a party with a few friends and he had a cake.

2. His favourite cake was an Organe Madeira.

3. His favourite present was a peddle car made for him by his Mum when his Dad was away.

New Years Eve

1. My Granddad moved to Palmerston North when he was about 3. He lived just a couple of blocks from where the the railway track and yards where. At midnight on New Years Eve as the trains passed through along with some of the trains closed down for the day, they would blow their whistles to welcome in the New year.

2. Granddad and his family always stayed at home like the others to listen for the train whistles.

3. Well he said that he would try to stay awake, but he kept dosing off and he still does this now 🙂

Palmerston North

Palmerston North

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