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June 6, 2011
by breemb4

Attracting more visitors to my blog

This post is for the Student Blogging Challenge 9, March 2011. Activity 2 was to write a post about what you might do to get more visiters. Heres my list of what might do…

I could go to their blogs and leave worth while comments.

I could update my blog more offen.

I should write a variety of posts.

Please leave a comment if you have any think you think I should do.

May 28, 2011
by breemb4

Will I continue Blogging?

This is for the Student Blogging Challenge 9, March 2011. Activity 1 was to write a post about why or why not you were going to continue blogging. So here are my reasons why I would like to continue.

I would like to continue blogging because I personally am very proud of my blog. I also like to share my interests and write about my hobbies. On a blog you can write about new things that you have learnt and maybe teach someone else. I also find that when I have done a post and get a comment about how good it was, it encourages me to do more posts. Most of all I find it fun!

May 22, 2011
by breemb4

Own choice post – Pompeii

This post is for the Student Blogging Challenge 8, March 2011. Activity 4 is to choose something you are interested in and write a post about it, include a link to a blog about your topic, a link to another website about your topic and an image with attribution.

Writen by Sue Reid, illistrated by Richard Jones, published by Schoolist Childrens Books

Writen by Sue Reid, illistrated by Richard Jones, published by Schoolist Children's Books

I choose to write about a book that I am currently reading and enjoying very much. ‘My Story Pompeii’. ‘My Story Pompeii’ written by Sue Reid is a great book based on a Roman Girl’s Diary.  I am still reading it and am enjoying it  a lot.

It all started with an earthquake while Claudia and her father where at the market. After the earthquake a man named Ancient warned everyone that the volcano – Mt Vesuvius was sending them a warning. After this she could not get those words out of her mind so she started her diary. Later she meets a British child slave, he is the same age as her and they become friends. I can’t wait until I can read some more.

I find volcanoes really interesting, please click on the following links to view more posts that I have done, Pompeii – The Dying City, Volcanic Eruptions, The Great Battle, Mt Taranaki,Mt Ruapehu

To find more information about the author, this book and the series click on the link.

To be continued…………

May 22, 2011
by breemb4

Migration People

This post is for the Student Blogging Challenge 7, March 2011. Activity 4 was to interview an elder relative to find out what life was like when they were young, then write about what the differences are between then and now. I interviewed my Nana G (my dads mum) and found out that life was much much different back then.

I found out that my Nana lived through the 2nd World War so things were a lot different. I asked her some questions about this and her life. Here they are with her answer;

Were was she born? Scunthorpe which is in North Lincolnshire, England

What type of town was Scunthorpe? It was an industrial town, iron and steel works so they had slag heaps all over the place. Because it was very dirty, they put parks in every spare space so they named it ‘The Industrial Garden’.

What was it like growing up through the war and was it very scarey being in an air raid? Because it was the biggest steel works in Europe, the Germans kept bombing the town to try to destroy it. If destroyed, England would not have steel to build planes, tanks, building, bridges etc. Yes, every night you would go to sleep and hope there would not be an air raid that night. Nana lived in a two storey house and at one point when there was quiet a lot of bombing her mum made them sleep under the stairs.

Where there any bombs near you home? Yes many, one plane crashed into their school grounds which meant they had to have time of school which they of course thought was really cool.

A storey my Nana told me about an experience she had during the war. They used to send all of their potato peelings to a neighbour who had pigs on an allotment. One day her eldest sister had her in a pushchair with the peelings on her lap (she was only three) when the air raid siren sounded. Her sister ran home, leaving her in the middle of the street in the pushchair. When her sister got home, her mum asked where she was and her dad had to run out and get her.

What age did you start school? In England you had to start at the beginning of a term, so she started at 4 and a half.

What did you do at lunch breaks? Since the houses were so close school you went home for lunch. After lunch the girls would play with a ball or a skipping rope. The boys would kick a soccer ball around. When it was time you went back to school.

Did you play any sports when you were young? She answered with Yes I played rounders or as some people call it softball.

Where did you work before coming to New Zealand? Nana worked in the Steel Works before enrolling in the WRAF Women’s Royal Air Force. She was based around the England and then in Adin (Middle East). My nana got to fly a helicopter for a few minutes, she said everyone was relieved when she handed back the controls.

Why did you decide to come to New Zealand? She wanted to get out of Scunthorpe. In those days they where offering free passage to New Zealand for clerial workers aged between 18 and 36 years of age.

How was your jouney out? Nana was not a good sailor so it took her half the trip to find her sea legs. For the rest of the trip she partied hard.

Do you regrete migating? NO!!! she never regretted imigrating to New Zealand. She fell in the love with Wellington as they came into the harbor. She thought it was paradise compared to Scunthorpe.

May 22, 2011
by breemb4

Celebrations – Family

This post is for the Student Blogging Challenge7, March 2011. Activity 3 – Celebrations – family.

My family catch up to celebrate birthdays, Christmas and Easter. We tend to have these at someones house or occasionally at a restaurant. I enjoy these get togethers because I get to spend time with my cousins who do not live close to us. We talk about what has been happening in our lives, what has been exctiting and how we feel.

Last year, I interviewed some of my family and family friends about how they celebrated special occasions like, birthdays and New Years Eve when they where young. Although the people I interviewed where of different ages and spread across different countries,  I was surprised that part of all their celebrations seemed to include a party with a cake.  I was also surprised to find out that their favourite presents are similar to some of my favourite presents. Click here to view these interviews.

May 22, 2011
by breemb4

ANZAC Day 2011



Australia New Zealand Army Corps.

This post is for the Student Blogging Challenge7, March 2011. Activity 2 is about Celebrations – War.

Sadly the Monday before ANZAC Day, my Granddad passed away so I was spending time with my family. Last year though I had a very important job, I carried my Girl Guige Units flag. I did a post on the importance of this day, click on the following to view; ANZAC Day.

May 21, 2011
by breemb4

Earth Hour 2011

This post is part of the Student Blogging Challenge 7, March 2011. Activity 1 was regarding Earth Hour 2011, asking if we did anything to support it and if we do anything to help the earth at home and at school.

This year Earth Hour fell on the weekend so we did not do anything as a class. I wrote a post about what my family and I did, here is the link.

At home we help the earth by; 1. Reducing the amount of rubbish we put in the bin by using recycling and composting. 2. We use energy saver bulbs for our lights and we turn off lights as we leave rooms. 3. We are trying to have shorter and cooler showers. 4. We have installed insulation under the house, installed a heatpump in the lounge and ceramic heaters in two of our bedrooms. 5. We are growing vegtables and strewberries from seedlings and we have also planted some fruit trees. 6. We also have a couple of water tanks to put up to capture the water from the gutters. 7. Dad would love to have a wind turbine, but they are very expensive so it will be a wee while away. 8. We use rechargible batteries where we can. 9. We also have solar LED garden and path lights.

May 15, 2011
by breemb4
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My Widgets

This post is for the Student Blogging Challenge 6 March 2011.  Activity 4. was to write a post about our widgets and why we chose them.  So that is what I’m going to do.

* My Maori Welcome. I created this in a site called PagePlugIns. I made it because I wanted to great people visiting my blog in our countries native language. Plus it look pretty cool.

Custom Glitter Text

*Glitter Text. Once again I created this in PagePlugIns. I made this one to great people in English.

*My Avatar. I created my avatar in Otaku Avatar Maker. I have recently done a post about my avatar. Click here to see post.

*My Pole. I created my pole at PoleDaddy. This pole was part of this same challenge.

*Mummy Turtle (Pet). I created this widget BunnyHero. I added this because it is a cool widget.

*Snowflower (Pet). This was created in the same place as the above. Added because it looked cool.

*Laver Lamp. I added this because I have visited lots of blogs with a lamp and I thought they where really cool.

*My T-shirt. Same as the above reason.

*My Time. I added this so people visiting my blog know the time in New Zealand, it also gives the date.

*This is your time. I added this so visitors can compare their time to my time.

*How many Visitors. I wanted to see how many people where visiting my blog at the same time.

*Visitors Flags. I wanted to see where my visitors are coming from, using their countries flags.

*Visitors Locations. I wanted to see where my visitors are coming from using a map.

*3D world. I wanted to see where my visitors are coming from using a revolving map.

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