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August 29, 2010
by breemb4

Axolotls – my A word, the 2nd part for the August Challenge

I choose Axolotls as my A word because I have never heard of a walking fish and it sounded kind of interesting. Here are some facts I have learnt.

1. Axolotls are referred to by Australians and New Zealanders as ‘The Mexican Walking Fish’.

2. They are not a fish but an anphibian, which means they can live in water and on land.

3. They can be a variety of colours, wild Axolotls are a near black colour.

4. As of 2008 the Axolotls are near extinction due to the growth of Mexico City and the populated water. Also nonnative fish have been introduced and they eat the young Axolotls.

5. They live in Mexico, in both Lake Xochimilco and Lake Chalco.

6. An Axolotl has the ability to regenerate (regrow) limbs.

7. They remain in their larval form which means it retains it’s gill and fins and does not develop eyelids.

August 29, 2010
by breemb4

Ascension Island

Hi there, here’s my entry for the 2010 August Challenge.

I choose Ascension Island because I had never heard of it and it is a volcanic island.

First of all here are some of the main facts on Ascension Island.

Map of Ascension Island

Map of Ascension Island

The island has an estimated population of 940 people and it’s capital is Georgetown.  It’s currency is a Saint Helena Pound (S.H.P.) and like New Zealand the main language is English. It’s neighbouring countries are Brazil (South America), St Helena,and Angola (Africa). The Island is named after the day it was discovered, Ascension Day.  Its time zone is UTC+0, which means it has the same day time as England.

Also here are some more facts that interest me. So here they are:-

1. It is believed that the Galician explorer Joao De Nova was the first to find Ascension Island in 1501.

2. There is no native or permanent population on this Island, although as of 2010 there is around 900 people living there.

3. Ascension Island has one of the five ground antennas that assist in the operations of the Global Positioning System (G.P.S) navigational system.

4. Ascension Islands runway was extended and widened so that it could be used as an emergency runway for the Space Shuttle.

5. In 1967 NASA established a deep space monitoring station on the island but has since abandoned it.

Last but not least, three places I want to go to, if I went to Ascension Island.

1. First I would like to go to the volcanic peak along with the lava flows and cinder cones, because I would like to experience them all and to look down the volcanoe’s crater.

2. I would also like to go to the beaches, because I would like to see the protected green turtles that come ashore to lay their eggs from November to May.

3. The third place would be Boatswain Bird Island, just of the east coast of the main island, because I would like to see all the different endangered birds.

So here’s my post on Ascension Island, I hope you enjoyed reading it and learnt something new.

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