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Today was a horrible day. While practicing high jump I fractured my right elbow. I basically jumped straight over the mattress and landed on the ground on my elbow. Man how it hurts 🙁 Some of you may remember that three years ago, I broke my left albow, is someone trying to tell me that I should not be playing Touch Rugby?  Because of this I have to pull out of a Kapa Haka, athletes and the front portion of touch rugby. I may even have to pull out of my Irish Dancing performace, I am so, so, so sad now. Oh, and I will have to learn to write with my left hand, that will be strange :-\


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  2. Hi Bree! I am so sorry that happened! I once fractured my elbow in 2nd grade. It hurts really bad and I know how you feel. You said that you were practicing high jump, so do you do track and field? I am on my school’s team and I do long jump and run the 400 meter race. I really hope you feel better!
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  3. Hello Bree
    I remember you landing on the ground, with big BANG!
    I broke my left arm once when I was six. I fell off our couch and broke it 🙁 and I had a cast, it wasn’t hard to write because I’m right handed

    Best wishes


  4. Hi Chistopher, No. My arm is not in a cast because its just a small crack.

    Breellen 🙂 🙂

  5. I go to school at Olivewood Elementary in California, USA. I have injured my right arm before and had to learn to write with my left. It was hard. Do you have a cast on your arm? I hope you get better soon.

  6. Oh dear Bree what an awful thing to happen at the start of touch rugby. You will have to be more careful doing PE. You can’t give it up or you will become a couch potato and that is not you at all.

    You seem to be taking after your dad. He was accident prone as well.

    Love Nana G. 🙂

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