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Will I continue Blogging?


This is for the Student Blogging Challenge 9, March 2011. Activity 1 was to write a post about why or why not you were going to continue blogging. So here are my reasons why I would like to continue.

I would like to continue blogging because I personally am very proud of my blog. I also like to share my interests and write about my hobbies. On a blog you can write about new things that you have learnt and maybe teach someone else. I also find that when I have done a post and get a comment about how good it was, it encourages me to do more posts. Most of all I find it fun!


  1. Great to know that you’re proud of your blog.

    It definitely does offer learning and teaching opportunities.

    And, yes, blogging can be fun!

  2. Breellen
    Congratulations for persevering with the blogging challenge. Your blog is well laid out and I like that your posts are checked and not full of errors. You take the time that it needs.
    Looking at your cluster map it tells me you have had many visitors over the time you have been blogging so congratulations.
    I think you give excellent reasons for blogging. It is also going to be a wonderful record of your years at primary school.
    Well done.
    Miss T

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