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This post is for the Student Blogging Challenge 5 March 2011. Activity 5. is to post a picture and for my visitors to zoom out. Example: I have a picture of an apple and a person comments saying that the apple was in a purple striped bowl. Then another person comments that the bowl that the apple is in, is on a table and so on. So let’s try it out. Here’s a picture of a fish. Get creative and think of something interesting.

Attribution;  ‘Red turkus


  1. The diver is so shocked at this that he takes a very, very deep breath, which makes him start coughing and he almost drops the bag with the fish in it…..

  2. Hi Bree,
    The fish looked inside a giant tank with about 10 other fish in it!

    By the way I like your post about where tog o in Kapiti. i have never been to the Raumati gardens but I have walked past it. Also when i went to Kapiti Island it took us three hours the walk to the top! and only an hour and a half to walk down. The boat ride also takes about fifteen minutes and is really fun! When your on Kapiti Isalnd you see lots of kakas, Tuis, Wekas And pukekos. If you look carefully you can also see some kiwi burrows!!
    ~Teegan ♥ ♥

  3. The divers eyes widen as the fish wriggles it’s fins and winks at him

  4. The Diver starts heading back to his boat with the fish in the bag.
    Mean while, the Fish’s dad sees the diver taking his son and gives chase

  5. The fish swims inside the plastic bag. He is scared and wants someone to help him.

  6. Because he knows the boat is waiting for him, he quickly checks that no one is looking, pulls out a bag and scoops the fish into the bag……

  7. The diver, who is part of a tour group exploring the reef, has a boat waiting for him at the surface.

  8. The fish hovers just in front of a diver who is peering at it through goggles.

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