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This post is for the Student Blogging Challenge 2 March 2011.

Activity 1. of this challenge. Last year I created an avatar of me and my little sister , unfortunately I was unable to add my little brother. So for this challenge I fixed my avatar so that it now displays on both my blog and my comments.

Bree - Me, Niamh and Keelan Activity 2. of this challenge. My avatar is a picture of me, my little sister and my little brother. I think my avatar looks like us, it shows how we care for each other and how much I enjoy including them.

Activity 3. of this challenge was to create a slide show of your family as avatars. I hope you enjoy meeting my Avatar family.


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  2. Hey Breemb4,
    Thank you for coming and checking out my blog. Your blog looks really cool, I love all of the glitter text you did and the lava lamp!! Your avatars look really cool too! Keep up the great blogging.

    P.S. I will be adding you to my blogs from far away people onto my blog. I hope you could put my website of your page too. 🙂

    Keep checking up on my blog-

  3. Thanks Mrs. Krebs,

    We study Maori at school, but only a little so I do not speck it fluently. We have a Kapa Haka Group where we sing songs in Maori with actions. At the end of the year we have Hui where the schools in Kapiti can come and perform. Our school group performed at our St Patrick’s Day Twilight Gala and I want to do a post about this. So look out for it.


  4. Bree,
    You have a very nice blog, with so many interesting postings. Thank you for sharing your awesome talents. I like the slide show you made with the avatars of your family.

    Do you speak Maori fluently? Or do you know a few things like “Kia Ora Krua”? Is it a language you study in New Zealand?

    I live in Iowa. I think you’ve been to one of my student’s blogs, Crystal.

    Enjoy the blogging challenge,
    Mrs. Krebs

  5. Thank You Miss T

    I really enjoyed making them.


  6. Breellen
    Fantastic post. I have just got around to checking my google reader and yours is the first post I came across. Well done. I love the way you have updated your avatar and your family. My goodness they look like you all, especially that gorgeous Keelan.
    Miss T

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