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Why I Think You Should Visit My Blog!!!!!


This post  is for the Student Blogging Challenge 1 March 2011.

I think people from all over the world should visit my blog because you may learn something new about me or New Zealand where I live.

You might find something that interests you like the series I did on Natural Disasters, and you can click on ‘Natural Disaters’ in the categories section to see more.

You will also be able to read about things that interest me and my hobbies, like my recent post about my touch rugby game (here is a link to this post ‘My Touch Rugby Game‘).  I will also do a post about The Twilight Gala my school is holding for St Patricks Day. Last year I did a post about it click here to see the post.

My three favourite post to complete and write about are so far;

1.  My Holiday  Dairy (click here to see)

2.  A Time to Remember ( click here to see)

3.  Jack and the Beanstalk ( click here to see)

My three favourite widgets are;

1.  The Glitter Texts.

2.  My Avatar

3.  My Voki

I hope you enjoy reading my experiences through my blog.  I look forward to receiving and reading your comments. I also look forward visiting your blogs so please leave your link so I can.


  1. hey bree jake here i like you blog it is coming along really good i am comenting because i am going to be adding your blog to my recomended blogs catagory

    Jake- ps: please visit my blog at

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  3. Good idea for us to leave our blogs.

    Bree: you have a wide variety of writing we can enjoy.

    Looking forward to reading about the St Patrick’s Day parade.

    And anyone who keeps a blog regularly would know that a blog is a form of “diary”.

  4. Thanks for sharing so many great reasons to visit your blog, Bree. I think I am going to share your post with my students as a good example.

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