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August 12, 2010
by breemb4

The Answers to the riddles and the Winners!!

Hi everyone, sorry this post is a bit late.  Here are the answers and of course the winners to my riddles:

Q.1 Candle

Q.2. Glass

Q.3 The Outside

Q.4. The phonebook

Q.5. 10 children

Q.6. 1 stone

Q.7. N for nine

Q.8. Thyme

And Well Done to all of the winners;

Q.1  Maire, Britney, Siabhaon, Duncan, Dad

Q.2. Maire, Britney, Siabhaon, Duncan, Simone, Dad

Q.3  Maire, Britney, Siabhaon, Dad

Q.4. Dad, Britney

Q.5 Maire, Siabhaon, Duncan, Dad

Q.6. Maire, Britney Duncan, Dad

Q.7. Maire, Siabhaon, Duncan, Dad

Q.8. Siabhaon, Duncan, Dad

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