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November 28, 2012
by breemb4
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I wish I was a …

I wish I was box. Not just any box, but a mysterious blue box called the Tardis.  My wish finally came to life on one Friday not that long ago when we were asked for Mission Day, (a school fundraising event) to dress as one thing we wished we could be. So I set off with some help from my friend to make myself a tardis.

Now, some of you non ‘Doctor Who’ fans reading this post, are probably asking yourselves what a Tardis is. Well, the Tardis is an old police telephone box that belongs to the last Timelord, call Doctor. This police telephone box is not any ordinary phone box though. It is only a disguise that hides the inside. Once you open the doors of the Tardis you open the doors to a whole new world as the inside of it is much, much, much bigger than it seems on the outside. Its name ‘Tardis’ stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. This box can travel all round the universe to different planets, it also can travel forwards and backwards in time, say to the year 5050.

Mission Day is a gala that the year seven and eights students of my school help to organise and run each year to raise money for missions within New Zealand and abroad. On this day the students and staff are invited to dress up as that year’s theme. All family members are also invited to come. Then, all the money that is raised at the gala gets donated to many different charities in New Zealand and overseas. This year we raised $2,100. Later that day we have a prize for the best dressed student from each class. This year I won the prize from my class.

My wish came true. I became a mysterious time traveling blue box, called the Tardis for a day and had a heap of fun. Being a box was interesting, funny and different. But I think I’ll stick with being a human.

November 22, 2012
by breemb4
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My Story Fire in the Sky – Book review

The year is 1886 and the name Tarawera is about to become famous throughout the land …

On Friday the 28th of May 1886, 14 year old James Collier and his artistic father, head off from their home town in Auckland on their excursion down south to the Eighth Wonder of the World. The Pink and White Terraces located in New Zealand’s volcanic lakes region. While James’s father paints the the hot lakes and Terraces, James explores the village they are staying in. On his adventure around the village, he meets a young Maori man named Will who he becomes friends with. Strange things are happening in the village, illness has stuck, causing a lot of deaths and strange things are happening to the water on Lake Tarawera. Then, one day, while on the lake James, his father and Will all witnessed the eerie sighting of an old Maori war canoe. This left the whole village with one question, was it really a waka wairua – a spirit canoe? Meanwhile deep within the earth, Mt Tarawera’s forces gathering …

The book ‘My Story Fire in the Sky’ written by Shirley Corlett, is a historical fiction book based on New Zealand’s history. I have just recently finished reading this book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I recommended this book to people who are interested in the history of New Zealand and the Eighth Wonder of the World.

A wee while ago, my family went up north on a holiday and while up there we visited  Orakei Korako – The Hidden Valley. This place is a geothermal wonderland as it is filled with hot mud pool, geysers and silica terraces. I found having that little bit of experience helped me visualize and connect with the book a lot more. Here are some pictures of the silica terraces, geysers and mud pools for our holiday.

August 31, 2012
by breemb4

My calendar For 2013

I chose this theme for my 2013 calendar as I live in New Zealand and wanted to do some thing different. I chose some icons that are special to New Zealand like the kiwi and tuartara. They are some of new Zealand’s native wildlife. Then the pavalover and fish’n’chips are some of the well known  food in NZ. The mountains represent the many mountain ranges we have and the the gumboots as they represent our muddy landscape.

August 9, 2012
by breemb4

Smile :)

Have you ever had your two front teeth knocked out?                       

Have you ever had braces?

Have you ever been teased and laughed at?

If you have then you would know how six grader Raina feels when this all happened to her. One night after Girl Scouts, Raina trips on her way home causing her two front teeth to go missing. One had fallen out while the other one got push up into her gum. After this she goes through surgery, braces, funny mouth guards and loads of embarrassing moments.
I really enjoyed this book Smile by Raina Telgemeier. Yes, it is the same Raina from the book. It is autobiography in comic form. It is an eazy book to read and really hooked me in. I recommend this book to people who like graphic novels, easy reading and autobiographys.

November 11, 2011
by breemb4

‘The Museum of Thieves’ By Lian Tanner – a book review by me

Writen by Lian Tanner, Cover and Text illustration by Sebastian Ciaffaglione

Goldie lives in the city of Jewel, where children must be chained to an adult to protect them from the dangers of the city. Because of this, Goldie runs away to the cities ‘Museum of Dunt’. While hiding there she met a boy called Toadspit, who has also run away. Herro Dan, Sinew and Olga Ciavolga are ‘The Keepers of the Museum’ and they welcomed Goldie. Together Goldie, Toadspit and the Keepers learn about the evil Fugleman and his plans to destroy the museum. While trying to stop him, Goldie and her new friends discover dangerous things about the museum.

Will the friends be able to stop the Fugleman? Or will they suffer? Read this book to find out.

I recommend this book to people who like fantasy and adventure.

October 31, 2011
by breemb4

Poor Poor Me

Today was a horrible day. While practicing high jump I fractured my right elbow. I basically jumped straight over the mattress and landed on the ground on my elbow. Man how it hurts 🙁 Some of you may remember that three years ago, I broke my left albow, is someone trying to tell me that I should not be playing Touch Rugby?  Because of this I have to pull out of a Kapa Haka, athletes and the front portion of touch rugby. I may even have to pull out of my Irish Dancing performace, I am so, so, so sad now. Oh, and I will have to learn to write with my left hand, that will be strange :-\

October 28, 2011
by breemb4

The Haunted House!! Written by ME

The sun shone high in the sky. Thea and Lilly stumbled along, pulling a cart of biscuits. The road was deserted. As the gentle breeze blew along the empty landscape, Thea said “Look up ahead Lilly it looks like a house”. She was right. Just up a head stood an old, rusty house. Windows were smashed and a light flickered on the top floor. The house groaned as the two girls walked up the path to the door. As Lilly knocked on the door it slowly swung open with a creak. Something fell on the top floor and a bone chilling groan echoed through the house. Theo looked at Lilly with an unreadable expression. “Let’s go see what that was” Thea said shaking. Lilly nodded white in the face. Letting go of the cart, the two girls stepped into the house. SLAM!!! The door closed behind them and locked itself. “What’s happening?” Lilly asked shaking.

“I don’t know” Thea answered weakly.

Finding the stairs they headed to where the groan had come from. The groan was getting louder as the girls climbed the stairs. Suddenly Lilly found herself falling down, down, until…..

BANG!! Lying on the ground, Lilly rubbed her sore leg.

Meanwhile, Thea had not noticed that Lilly was missing and had carried on, climbing the stairs. Reaching the top, Thea opened the door and turned around to find Lilly gone. Back down the stairs Thea went and fell down the same hole as Lilly. Thea screamed like mad and Lilly hearing this felt relieved that she was not alone any more. Thea landed with a bang, got up and tripped over Lilly. “Lilly, is that you,” Thea whispered.

“I wish I wasn’t, but yeah it’s me,” Lilly replied.

Thea got up and the two girls started to look around the dark room. “It looks like we’re in a dungeon Lilly,” Thea said “underground.” Lilly stopped walking, sat down and started mumbling words. “What are you…” Thea stopped and looked at the wall Lilly was touching. It was moving upwards and a light was creeping in through the bottom. “Lilly” was all Thea could say. All of a sudden they were surrounded in light but not daylight. It was very hot in the dungeon now. The two girls walked towards where the light was coming from and found a ladder. They climbed it.

It went on for ages, when suddenly a trap door appeared in the wall and they climbed through it. On the other side of the door stood their cart. Lilly looked back where the door should have been but, nothing was there. “Strange, that door is no longer there Thea” Lilly said surprised. Theo stayed quiet and continued walking. “Coming” she said and turned to Lilly who was looking at the house. “Yeah” Lilly said and followed Thea.

September 30, 2011
by breemb4

Suffragette – a book review by me

Written by Carol Drinkwater, Illistrated by Richard Jones, Published by Scholastic

Suffragette, written by Carol Drinkwater is about a 14 year old Edwardian girl. Her name is Dollie. Dollie was separated from her mother when she was little and now lives with a lady called Flora. Flora treats her like a sister, but when Dollie joins a group fighting for women’s rights, things get rough between the two. When Dollie and her group march against parliament, things start to get violent between them and the police.

How far will Dollie go? Will she end up in jail like the others?

I recommend this book to people who would like to read about how women got the right to vote.

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